Mari Murdock is a freelance writer, editor, educator, and gamer, specializing in gaming and academia. She is probably best known for her work on Legend of the Five Rings, having written the Scorpion Clan novella Whispers of Shadow and Steel and other L5R fiction for Fantasy Flight Games and Alderac Entertainment Group. She has also had a smattering of fiction and gaming content published by Gallant Knight Games, Outland Entertainment, Green Ronin Publishing, and Heads & Tails Publishing, with essays published by Criterion and Locutorium.

Mari has an MA in Literature from BYU and a BA from BYU-Hawaii in English, minoring in Creative Writing and Japanese. As a student, she served as the editor-in-chief of Kula Manu, the university’s literary publication in 2012. After graduation, she also acted as a staff advisor to the university’s Gamer’s Club and TeSPA chapter for four years. She now works in the gaming industry, writing fiction and gaming content, and teaches university students, helping them improve their own writing skills. Besides freelance and teaching, her current project SpellCheck RPG, an online role-playing game streaming show with other local writers in Utah.

Mari has a special place in her heart for projects involving monsters, both sinister and benign, and loves finding inspiration from mythology and folk traditions. When she is not knee-deep in projects, Mari can be found reading old sci fi pulp novels, finding treasure in antique shops, and cooking Japanese food from what’s left over from her grandmother’s pantry. She currently lives in Salt Lake City with her husband Scott.

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