Arrok – A D&D 5e Homebrew


TypeCast RPG launched a new campaign a few weeks ago. ARROK! Our Dungeons & Dinosaurs campaign! It’s a primeval, prehistoric setting full of dinosaurs and anthropomorphic animal people.

I’m playing a bogger (frog man) artificer who is a mix between a poison dart frog and a gliding treefrog. I modeled his personality after Baby Grogu (willful, loves eggs, smart but not wise, and oh so loveable). He’s blue and adorable, and I’m having so much fun finding cool ways to play his race out through the campaign so far (e.g. slingshot-ing rocks with my tongue, poisoning people who would grab ahold of me, puffing up when I’m pouting, etc.). I also have a pteranodon steed named Max, who I will definitely be using to divebomb people with my artificer creations. It’s been really nice playing a support character instead of an attacker because now I get to play around with my Homunculus Servant (its name is Bugmud) and creative spells like Jump (tooootally jumped 75″ across the map the other day).

I’m still a bit sad about moving on to this new campaign. We worked on Gods of Vaeron for two years, and I really fell in love with Grisk’s story, but so I’m really excited for this new one. It’s been interesting to see how much freer I feel as a roleplayer acting out the silly little life of a froggy guy; I guess he has no emotional burdens… yet.

Well, hope you can watch our show on every Tuesday night. :]

Art by Howard Tayler.


Mari is a goof who takes herself too seriously sometimes. You can tell by the fact that she loves Pikachu AND wrote her master's thesis on transatlantic postsecular oceanic modernism.

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