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Mari is a goof who takes herself too seriously sometimes. You can tell by the fact that she loves Pikachu AND wrote her master's thesis on transatlantic postsecular oceanic modernism.

Arrok – A D&D 5e Homebrew

TypeCast RPG launched a new campaign a few weeks ago. ARROK! Our Dungeons & Dinosaurs campaign! It’s a primeval, prehistoric setting full of dinosaurs and anthropomorphic...


Deciding to Be a Writer

It’s been exactly seven months since I defended my Master’s thesis. DX Gollyflippinfudgerdollops. Sorry. It just always surprises me when I realize how adult I am…...


TypeCast RPG

This week, a few friends and I finally launched our new project! A role-playing game stream played and written by authors here in Utah. 😉 Here...