It’s Official. I Got Twitter to Prove It.


So… this isn’t my first website, but this is my first post on my new website, and I’m excited to be sharing this more official corner of the internet with you all. I will be finally graduating with my Masters in English later this month (God-willing the paperwork gets done by Monday. BYU loves binding everything up in red tape.), and I’ve finally got some life piling up. By life, I mean work, family commitments, friend promises, and other opportunities that I’ve been forgoing as a busy scholar. It feels good to finally have the breathing room to do dishes and laundry. Who knew that these “mundane” house chores would be the delight of my life after grad school. They measure leisure, and I appreciate it. It feels like quite the achievement to keep the bottom of the sink clean.

My husband and I decided to make “This isn’t even my final form!” (from Dragon Ball Z) our motto for the year 2019, and it’s an apt mantra for my prospective evolutions this year. I’m working full time from home on freelance writing jobs now, trying my hand at being a real writer. I have several contracts lined up already through June, including a promising project with Heads & Tails Publishing that will give me a massive excuse to work on something of my own for a change. I’m involved in an amazing project with some friends that will hopefully serve to boost my internet fame (ughs and whoas are echoing in my head at the same time), which I will detail in a following post in the next few weeks. Heh. I even joined Twitter for the first time today in preparation for all the self-promotional shouting I’ll need to do in the next little bit. Talk about seriously adulting for a change.

All my life, I’ve wanted to write stories… and now I get to all day. 🙂 That scares the emotional stability out of me some days. I’m blessed to have a husband with an income that can justify my new venture outside of regular paychecks. I hope I can make it worth the time. Wish me luck, and I’ll wish you stars.


Mari is a goof who takes herself too seriously sometimes. You can tell by the fact that she loves Pikachu AND wrote her master's thesis on transatlantic postsecular oceanic modernism.

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